Singapore’s First Student-Run Mental Health Hackathon
Singapore’s First Student-Run Mental Health Hackathon
4th-5th September, 2021
Registration closed. Thank you for your overwhelming support!

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What is MindfulHacks?

MindfulHacks was founded as Singapore's first Mental Health-themed Student Hackathon. It is a 24-hour overnight hackathon where attendees work to build a software project that addresses mental health issues. Our mission is to encourage students to come together and innovate solutions to mental health issues and combat the stigma of mental illness. We welcome students from Universities, Polytechnics, ITEs, and Junior Colleges.

Mark your calendars!

4th September to 5th September 2021 on Zoom


4-5 September

  • 4 September

    4 September

    Day 1

    0800-0900: Team Building 0900-1000: Opening Ceremony 1000-1130: Build Your First Program by Teens Code 1130-1230: Fireside Chat with Chloe Shih 1230-1330: Resume Review & Sharing by PALO IT 1330-1430: UX Design by Cynthia Liu 1430-1530: Intro to AI by Reluvate Technologies 1530-1600: Break 1600-1730: AWS Workshop + Q&A 1730-1830: Mental Health Tech Panel Discussion 1830-1930: Break 1930-2030: Online Games

  • 5 September

    5 September

    Day 2

    1000-1030: Project Submission 1030-1300: Bonding Event 1300-1400: Closing Ceremony 1400: End of Hackathon

  • End of


Where and when is MindfulHacks?

MindfulHacks will be hosted virtually this year on Zoom from 4th September to 5th September 2021!

How do I register?

Registration form:

How do I form a team?

You don't need to have a team formed beforehand - you can form teams during the hackathon. Each team can have up to 4 individuals.

How do I sign up as a team?

You will need to fill in the email addresses of your team members when you submit your project at the end of the event. We have a team forming segment before the opening ceremony where you can interact with other participants and form teams.

Do I need any programming experience?

Definitely not! There will be workshops to teach programming skills from beginners without experience to more advanced hackers. Mentors throughout the hackathon will help you personally, and you can also learn from other students!

How much will MindfulHacks cost me?

Nothing! This event, including all workshops, swag, and prizes, is completely free!

Who can take part?

We welcome any student studying at a Singapore University, Polytechnic, ITE or Junior College.


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